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No Flowers
by Tammy Jann
© 2023

After the dust settles
your world’s been devoured
sift through the remains
but you’ll find no flowers

Wind swirls into a frenzy
its breath makes all life cold
dreams begin their dying
no flowers left to hold

Craters that held water
are dried up clay and stone
green has left the planet
no flowers call this home

No farmers fields
no sunny beach
no unmarked trails
no air to breathe

No picket fence
no rain for showers
the sky is dark
there are no flowers

by Tammy Jann
© 2023
Lovely Lady
your soul’s faded
the future’s lost it’s light
still tormented
garden’s empty
can you make it right
trial by flame
you are to blame
for problems of the world
mystery’s solved
you have evolved
into a powerful girl
your heart was sold
to reach their goal
the object of their desire
Oh lady fair
let down your hair
time to set Eden on fire

Baby Bird
by Tammy Jann
© 2023

It took some time to realize my eyes were shut so tight.
Then, one eye opened, I caught a glimpse of day turning into night.
The sky glowed the color of my mother, something beautiful and warm,
a kind of blue, a comforting hue, as it sheltered me from the storms.
I gazed at the underside of the leaves playing fluttering games with the breeze,
and as I passed by I could hear them chatter, about me, amongst the trees.
Is this the flying that I was trying and dreaming of since I was born?
The fantasy shattered with the hit and splatter as I lay amongst the thorns.
Then the fantastic journey began again as I raised up from the ground.
I took flight, Wow! does anyone see me? No, no one seems to be around.
Finally an aerial expert, weaving thorugh the forest with my new, invisible wings.
Able to go home to the nest that mother made so cozy with sticks and strings.
“Look brothers and sisters, can you see me, it seems that I can soar!”
But no one noticed or bothered to look as they stared at where I lived before.
The stars shined and twinkled and welcomed me in, it seems I’m forever free.
Luckiest baby bird ever born who flew without growing wings.

by Tammy Jann
© 2022

Your meanderings are getting deep
mixed with darkness from your sleep
the contemplations will liquify
inky black words seep out of your mind
and begin the journey through your pen
waiting for your hand to release them
setting them free to roam the page
telling a story of what your soul craves

by Tammy Jann
© 2022

I could never take in the details of a scene
or seek a place where my soul is serene
time has redirected my mind
and etched its’ wisdom in every line

the ocean would always seem so grand
but now I look between grains of sand
I listen to the rhythm of every wave
that’s making music my ears now crave

I take deep breaths of the sweetened breeze
that passes through the flowers and trees
every color that bursts off of each stem
captures my gaze as they rock in the wind

I seek solace in the shade that is cast
in the senses and shadows of the past
sand, sea glass, dried flowers and song
memories you’ll have of me when I am gone

I See You
by Tammy Jann
© 2022

I see you
Pushing through the weary, weather-worn grass
plump, bright green
holding your promise of your future task

I’m waiting
Patiently, watching for color to come
spring’s promise
will blossom when coaxed by rain and the sun

Fears and Dreams
by Tammy Jann
© 2022

Water’s hanging in the air
making tears upon my face
the darkness steals my breath
and I am longing to feel safe.

Every sound’s filling my ears
I am deafened by the dread
from the shadows that are lurking
through my eyes, into my head.

My throat is worn and torn out
from years of silent screams
I can’t give away my thoughts
and never share my fears and dreams.

Dear Flower
by Tammy Jann
© 2021

There’s something so sad
There’s something so cold
When the world sheds sorrows
and covers you in snow

You’d blossomed so bright
Set your sights so high
innocent smile lost
buried by frozen sky

bow your head
go to bed
stay safe and warm

Wrong or right
know there’s light
that beats a storm

by Tammy Jann
© 2020

I reach for the book that has my affection
filled with a thoughtful, rhyming collection
dive into the words, swim in its’ flow
so willing to follow wherever it goes
it wrings out my heart, hangs it up to dry
pummeled my soul and left me to cry
Oh Poet! You have engaged me once more
took me on a journey, touched me to the core
I will place a ribbon in the pages you’ve penned
a bookmark, so that I can return once again

Blame the Sky
by Tammy Jann
© 2020

The sky will never try to explain
tears on my window from drops of rain
or how it blocked the sun today
why no one was going out to play.
I was happy it watered flowers
and gave the animals a shower
but I would enjoy a puddle’s splash
if the cloud’s weren’t lit with lightening’s flash
the rumbles kept me from fun outside
so I sat inside and blamed the sky

Our Mission
by Tammy Jann
© 2020

We are all flowers in a garden
dancing on a breeze.
We are all roots channeling life
to the tallest trees.
We are all calm and cooling waters
the oceans are made of.
We are all energy of the earth
our mission is to love.

by Tammy Jann
© 2020

When you’re a rat caught up in the race
relying on a watch to keep the pace
striving to be the master of time
with schedules where you can’t unwind

Circadian cycle, slave to the light
your need to sleep is something to fight
the ticking controls all of your needs
the rhythm has sold out your own heartbeat

Timekeeper, are you one step ahead
is your life worth the desires you fed
if the world that you knew suddenly stops
would you still choose to live by the clock

Being Alone
by Tammy Jann
© 2020

considering the possibility
while leaving footprints for no one to see
that there may be peace in being alone
while out in the world or when stuck at home

I’ll only converse with my inner voice
toss my frustrations out into the void
pick a fight with my demons one by one
stay awake until a new days begun

Bury a dream, then search for another
the little things are mine to discover
try to bake a cake but I’m not a chef
expand my mind, if there’s any left

Slip into the garden, talk to the trees
try to hear music whisper on a breeze
it doesn’t seem peace is easy to find
being alone and happy takes some time

Take it Back
by Tammy Jann
© 2020

Plow up the land, cut down the trees
put in days and days of work
deconstruct mother nature
to make your mark upon the earth

Build your buildings, lay your tracks
force your vision upon the land
destroy its purpose for your own
only a human can understand

When you tire of your conquest
you will leave it all behind
all the chaos you’ve created
decomposes, over time

The weeds you cut will grow again
the wild reclaims its place
the earth consumes your atrocity
blossoming to take back its space

The Finish Line
by Tammy Jann
© 2020

Did you ever yearn for something
that causes such distraction
you can’t think of nothing else
because you’re seeking satisfaction.

Anxious, taking on the journey
upon a winding, one-way street
excited to keep on running
hoping the destination will be sweet.

After a while, you grow weary
it takes so long to find the prize
the road’s so hard to navigate
more dips and turns on the horizon.

You’re digging deep and quiz your heart
to see if it can stay the course
having doubts about your travels
depending on friends for their support

The finish line, you realize
was made of dreams, the end’s not real
it’s about having the courage
and how your ambitions make you feel

No matter what people will think
No matter what people may say
It’s important you start walking
and how far you can make it today.

Ice Pellets
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

they were pellets
small and round
pellets of ice
fell to the ground

tapping, tapping
into piles
hypnotic sounds
echo for miles

they fell for days
and for years
poured from her heart
born from her tears

it seems her soul
had grown cold
Winter sorrows
stories untold

by Tammy Jann
© 2019

Every moment’s moving
through every inch of space
It absorbs all our colors
and adds it to our days

We can’t forget our joys
or the sadness and the pain
Some splash down like sunshine
others pour down like rain

Moments grasp our hues
to shower them from above
the times we fought to live
and the moments that we loved.

Your Kiss
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

I felt it floating through the trees
fluttering on the shifting breeze
a delicate cloud searching for me
the sweet kiss you sent to the sky

Once your breath swept it off your hand
it took to the heavens, as you’d planned
it held onto your wishes, and looked to land
on the one who had captured your eye

So tender it drifted onto the scene
seeking my face, just like a dream
my heart skipped, would it find me?
I held my breath and looked up

I stood so still, I closed my eyes
it gently landed like a butterfly
sweet and soft like your lips on mine
your beautiful gesture of love

Sky and Sea
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

The sky was painted blue
set in the perfect scene
then someone smudged the colors
and it bled into the sea

The sea was colored green
now infused with sky’s blues
so much color, it overflowed
drowning sand and rocks too

Sky and sea are blended
the scene won’t be the same
the beauty was diluted
someone mixed it with their pain

Where The Aroma Is
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

With a footfall to release
or a soft summer breeze
that will blow through the leaves
my garden’s disturbed

The oils taint the air
and if you’re standing there
you become more aware
of the beauty of herbs

drinking in the sweet mint
savoring the tart lemon
relaxing lavendar
tickles your senses

one visit does the trick
healing magic when sick
so many benefits
where the aroma is

Did You
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

Did you catch the sunset
did the sand slip through your toes
Did you run away from waves
did you walk the edge of foam
Did you breathe in the salt air
did a warm wind kiss your face
Did the beauty touch your heart
did you go back to that place

Misty Dream
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

There’s a misty dream caught in my eyes
of people I love who are lost in time
they live their lives in my memories
while I sleep, they’re in a fantasy

The fog consumes me every day
I blink my eyes and wish it away
waving my hands to stir the dead air
it never clears, they never see me there

sometimes their world feels larger than life
I wish I was there which doesn’t seem right
and our special times act out once more
and lonliness hurts and my heart is torn

I know they’re not here, I know it’s not real
but I know in my soul how it makes me feel
in the blink of an eye I go back to a place
where we were together and I felt safe

I am not able to right the wrongs
and when I wake up, they are still gone
I find myself racing through the day
to dive into the night and find their face

The Garden
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

Oh, how she loved the garden
and longed to dig in the dirt
she would scatter flower seeds
and pat them down with earth

She showered them with water
and filled bowls for birds and bees
spent her days raking and listening
to her chimes whisper in the breeze

No matter how much she was hoping
to see the seeds begin to grow
nothing broke the surface
no matter how much she would sow

It was like this every springtime
and when the summer came
she sat waiting in the garden
in the sunshine and the rain

She never stopped her wishing
for a garden filled with flowers
but it never came in time
and one day she did retire

The garden started growing
to show it missed her attention
years of seeds sprouted colors
that she admired from up in heaven

Trail of Colors
by Tammy Jann
© 2019

There was a trail of colors
that his lady left behind
her hues of joy and sorrow
made a rainbow in his mind

Her eyes would flash like fire
like when sunlight strikes the dew
the red flames of her desire
were the heat that he’d felt too

she had flowers in her tea
that left pink petals on her lips
and when he thought of her
he imagined her like this

Her hair fell soft like feathers
a golden frame for her face
dark lashes brushed her cheeks
like delicate bits of lace

The goodbye that she sang
floated by like a cool breeze
he reached out for her hand
but grasped at white daisies

He knew her like no other
he knew her light and dark
he loved all of her colors
and every shade of her heart

by Tammy Jann
© 2019

a wooden path that’s built by man
a bridge connecting land to land
where he’s above sea and sand
so he evades the water

the rise and fall of the tides
can inspire but he is blind
he’s never looking side to side
beauty’s lost on the walker

by Tammy Jann
© 2019

descending into madness
slipping through the cracks
missing my old mind
but never looking back

it’s getting dark and lonely
time is not my friend
I seem to have gone missing
but no one noticed when

the bottom’s getting closer
I’m falling more and more
can I get much lower
I’m already on the floor

my ringing ears are soothing
the last music I will hear
sinking fast, how can I last
I’ve become all that I fear

Living In the Colors
by Tammy Jann
© 2018

When you never see the light
and you’re feeling out of time
keep living in the colors
that bleed over the lines.

You see the straight and narrow
but walk the crooked mile
pretending to be grown up
then embrace your inner child.

No one likes it when you’re crying
but it’s better than the screams
as the movie of your life
plays over in your dreams.

The darkness will take over
your worthless piece of art
a sketch is all that’s left,
draining the colors from your heart.

Drowning Leaves
by Tammy Jann
© 2018

Beloved children of the trees
have run from home again
the branches weep for dropping leaves
that are drowning in the rain
the fallen lie in pools of color
as siblings fall through the sky
floating, looking up at mother
as the clouds continue to cry

The Book
by Tammy Jann
© 2018

Buried in a book, lost inside the seams
bound to drag me in and feed upon my dreams
pulls me through the pages while showing me the scene
I’m wrapped up in its words that start describing me
I want to know what’s next, I’m racing through the lines
counting all the chapters, losing track of time
hoping that the ending turns out good for me
good, bad, happy, sad, I hope it’s worth the read

Breaking Through
by Tammy Jann
© 2018

Shaking off the sleepiness as the hunger settles in
looking forward to the journey on this awakening.
Gather warmth and energy start searching for the light
moving through the darkness, tired of enduring endless nights.
Ready to break through the earth and put on a display
the wind and sun and everyone love the colors you create!

Dark Colors
by Tammy Jann
© 2018

Grieving black
bleeding red
darkness has a hue
and it’s staining the pain
deep inside of you

Lightning white
threatening green
prediction of a storm
run and hide or stand outside
remember, you’ve been warned

Bruises purple
crying blue
the anger never fades
roll up your sleeves, it’s time to leave
or be a victim of the rage.

I Have Strayed
by Tammy Jann
© 2017

I have strayed from the path that I’ve traveled on
everything familiar suddenly seems wrong
I followed the sun to help bring me back
now only the moon can brighten my path
cold winds blew branches to tangle my hair
I don’t know where home is or how to get there
wish I could follow the stars to show me the way
but I’ve been dreaming too long to make an escape
should I wait to be rescued or curl up and die
I want to believe in me like you do or have the strength to try

by Tammy Jann
© 2017

Here it comes
over the wall
around the corner
under the bridge
high in the sky

rolling thunder
black swirl of dirt
rising waters
its destruction
will change your life

wait patiently
sit quietly
it is raging
outside your door
your fears fulfilled

let it bluster
drown your hopes
blow up your world
knock down your dreams
and then rebuild

by Tammy Jann
© 2017

The tick, tick of his heartbeat goes on and on
while the clock is pounding each minute gone

His madness drips words down to his hand
and they slowly fall off the tip of his pen

His brandy-stained lips seek the glass once more
liquid fire numbs him down to his core

thoughts dark and black like the raven’s wing
are warping the story that he’s creating

The noise in the room punctures his brain
and the man on the page is driven insane

I Long to Hear Spring
by Tammy Jann
© 2017

There must be a song playing for the trees
and a rustling sound as they sway in the breeze.
I look through the window for the first signs of spring
I can see the beauty but I can’t hear a thing.
I’m sure that robin’s sweetly calling a friend
and the river is bubbling with excitement
but it’s silent behind the glass and pane
and I long to hear spring beyond its frame.

Winter Coat
by Tammy Jann
© 2017

Put on your winter coat of white
jack frost is painting the world tonight
Heavy with winter you’ll gaze down below
and catch the moonlight dancing on the snow

Oh, how we’ll creak as we bend and sway
as the wind whispers how he’s longing to play
And the morning birds sing to awaken the sun
she rises and smiles, a warmer day has begun!

Little Girl Lost
by Tammy Jann
© 2016

Little girl lost, but no surprise
the vultures came when they heard your cries
they laughed at you and pecked out your eyes
what choice did you have but to believe their lies

tripping, stumbling finding your way
it’s hard to move on when it seems safe to stay
the shadows are watching you like you’re their prey
maybe it’s time to admit you’re afraid

Little girl lost, stands on the edge
an owl flew by with its wings outstretched
so wise and calm it talked you back from the ledge
and you grew the courage to keep moving ahead

back on the path, the vultures came
swooping and teasing and calling you names
but this time you laughed, and it wasn’t the same
so they flew off to find someone else to maim.

Heavy On My Heart
by Tammy Jann
© 2016

The night felt heavy on my heart
the air misty and cool with rain
the moon played hide and seek with the clouds
while I was lost and alone once again

The dead leaves stirred around my feet
my destination’s unknown
and delicate threads from an intricate web
held me hostage until they were torn

A chilling breeze whispered through the trees
sounding like a suffering child
whose lonely cry shattered the sky
making my heart run wild

A shadow caught by the moonlight
was mouthing what I had heard
staring at me, a black feathered fiend
the child’s cry was sung by a bird.

I had been fooled by the wraith
that had pulled me into the wood
and now there was no one that I could save
and I sunk to the ground where I stood

the dead leaves of fall covered me
while the bird kept crying
and the night felt heavy on my heart
because the child inside was dying

Promises Broken
by Tammy Jann
© 2016

Promises broken
into little shards
that cut and pierce
my bleeding heart

Wading through slivers
of the lies you told
wishing your words
were as good as gold

by Tammy Jann
©  2016

Stripped naked, standing bare
the leaves have fallen from my hair

Making piles at my feet
their beauty lies beyond my reach

Frost came to this place
and kissed the colors upon my face

Clouds blew into my hands
when the wind begged the leaves to dance

My ears long for Mother Earth
to sweetly call for our rebirth

Sleep has come, time to dream
and wake when spring comes beckoning


The Key
by Tammy Jann
©  2016

A hidden heart is beating underneath my bones
and its drumming rings out in maddening tones
so hurt and damaged yet goes on and on
when I wake up in the morning it’s still singing the same song

In my head there’s a thought buried deep in my brain
if I wrote it all out you’d think me insane
so I push it back down to the depths of my mind
but it finds its way back to taunt me one more time

The light and the dark are locked deep inside
and the depths of my soul are where they all hide
they beat at the walls and scream to be free
I would gladly unleash them if I had the key


The Monster
by Tammy Jann
©  2016

It slips into the shadows and feeds upon your light
hunting down your spark to kill your will to fight

its mouth is dripping words that bleed into your ears
and they puddle in your soul to take control for years

the monster lives within slowly poisoning your mind
you could lose yourself forever and your running out of time


The Noise is White
by Tammy Jann
©  2016

Step outside into the fray
arrows point, you will obey
screaming beeps and flashing signs
trapped in the lines
a slave to time

Choking on a fog of fumes
rumbling cars stuck in a queue
light is blinding, can’t take flight
the signal’s red
the noise is white


It’s Fate
by Tammy Jann
©  2016

When the world stood still, I saw you
standing alone
for all to see
but there’s no one
no one but me
who paused

A black shadow in the daytime
energy shines
lost to their sight
except to mine
transfixed by light
they caused

the ghost of a girl in my plain sight
lost to the blind
spirit unseen
but there’s no time
to ponder dreams
can’t wait

the answers we seek are nearby
so look around
capture the wind
the call is found
where we begin
it’s fate


A Simple Gift
by Tammy Jann
©  2016

The pencil held promise, it was such a simple gift,
but that was the point, and the purpose of it.
Excited to touch the paper and right from the start
it lept for joy across white pages, happy to make its mark.
A heart sketched out in letters of graceful loops and swirls
twisting and turning out a story in fanciful wavy curls.
Suddenly it slowed, became darker and more haunting,
pushing through deep sorrows with words of lonliness and longing.
The pencil was a simple gift and once it was engaged
it wrote the story of a heart and soul and married it to the page
and every ounce of its lead was given happily
it’s life had a purpose, to set the author free.


The Fairy Door
by Tammy Jann
©  2016

Step into the garden and follow the path to the oldest tree
stoop down to the ground, take a look around for the peppermint leaves
the air will smell sweet as you take a seat and continue to explore
and magically it will appear, a tiny fairy door
made out of wood, inset with jewels that sparkle in the sun
a tiny ring that can be pulled to let in anyone
should you knock, stare or sit and wait for a chance to see
the welcoming eyes and to your surprise the blue skin of a winged fairy
the leaping sprite quickly takes flight and lands close to your ear
and whispers stories of garden friends who are living far and near
how they dance and sing in the joy night brings to this special place
then she flies to her home and leaves you alone with happy tears upon your face
there are wonderful dreams and magical things a garden holds in store
when you fall asleep in the peppermint sweet in front of a fairy door


Sonnet of the Good Gard’ner
by Tammy Jann
©  2016

A gard’ner knows a flower from a weed
who plants his heart and gathers what he’s grown
grows ev’ry color in the grass so green
the beauty there is where he calls his home

rises with the sun and toils in the rain
out in the elements ’till the day’s done
working hard sowing, digging every day
feeds his soul in the garden that he loves

But the winds can change and clouds darken the sky
his light is gone, and dreams slip through his hands
poisoned land suffers flowers slowly die
return, the earth awaits your love again

Please Come back, hope will grow with just one seed
Good gard’ner plant the flowers your heart needs


The Tree
by Tammy Jann
©  2015

In the evening, clouds were waiting
dark and gray, anticipating
to unleash a chilling rain into the breeze.

She felt the darkness of the skies
their shadows lived behind her eyes
she sought safety and comfort with the trees.

Her arms wound around its bark
squeezing tight to share her heart
her soul lightened and flew up to her lips.

The rough bark scratched her cheek
sadness grew from somewhere deep
each silent sob let salty teardrops slip.

The tree captured her tortured breaths
absorbed her sorrows, silent and wet
while returning a sense of calm to her heart.

Then with a deep and cleansing sigh
a peaceful feeling took hold inside
she’s ready to face the storm about to start.


Garden Dance
by Tammy Jann
© 2015

Dressed in bright colors
in soft, petaled skirts
smiling up at the sun
feet planted in dirt

the wind blows a kiss
ladies start to sway
it’s time to dance
in the garden today

Buzzing partners, busy
waltzing for hours
wear stripey jackets
they court every flower

dragonflies dip and dive
butterflies join the scene
flying through the crowd
of the fancy gathering

When the dance floor dims
the girls drowsy with dew
will all gather around
in the glow of the moon

telling tales of their day
they fold their skirts down
and dream of the dawn
and more twirling around


The Dreamer
by Tammy Jann
©  2015

She stares at paper flowers
then loses herself for hours
as she dives into her daydreams one more time

When the day slips into night
she wears a dress of white starlight
and dances in the corners of her mind

there’s ridicule and laughter
but none of that scares her
there’s safety in the pages of her book

in her world she is a queen
and one day they will believe
there’s more to her if they take another look


by Tammy Jann
© 2015

A silver shadow, hard to define
thin puff of smoke that clouds my mind
memory, despair, what I love most
my heart is haunted by your ghost

Soft whispers echo and brush my ear
my skin tingles feeling you are near
like waves it fills and drains my soul
my heart is haunted by your ghost


by Tammy Jann
©  2015

I heard the sound of my heart
in the moaning of the wind
and in the sigh of the leaves
as they fell once again

I see the tears on my face
reflecting on the window pane
and the hollow of my soul
fills up with chilling rain

it’s the lonely of the night
it’s the lonely of the dark
it’s another day without you
it’s the stillness of my heart

it’s the winter of the sun
it’s the darkness of the dawn
it’s the silence that I drown in
while the lonely lingers on


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