I AM SO EXCITED! On May 17th, 2022, my very first cd was released onto Bandcamp and Streaming. This is a dream come true for me, a bucket list entry that is achieved! I am so happy that the cover photo and inside photos were taken by me, it is so satisfying to bring many of your creations together in one place. I will post links here and you can also find them in the “Merchandise section”!


All Streaming Links, Amazon and ITunes:

Also, I posted a new poem I wrote, “I See You” in the “Poetry” section and updated the “Schedule” section, we have been having very safe and productive Songwriter’s meeting, all of the dates and times are posted. I earned my trophy in FAWM (February Album Writing Month), I wrote 14 new songs in the month of February! I have added three of them to the “Music” section, “Be There for Me” and “Winter’s Early Morning”, both collaborations with wonderful friends and my song “Beyond the Gate”.

I am also working on a new cd….WHAT? YES! A Duo/Duet with my Producer, Co-Founder of the SONG Songwriting Group Mike Birch. We have formed a group called “10 Miles 2 Neptune”, so keep checking back for updates! We also will be hosting a few new open mics! SO….CHECK BACK IN on May 17th, there is so much going on for “This Girl”!!!!!

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