“THIS GIRL”, my very first cd, is doing really well in streaming! Over 100,000 streams! Thank you for all of the listens!! I have UPLOADED 2 NEW VIDEOS of songs from the cd, “REFLECTION” and “I AM FRANKENSTEIN”, you can find them in the “VIDEO” section.

FIND STREAMING LINKS HERE: https://songwhip.com/tammyjann/this-girl

10 Miles 2 Neptune, the new Duo group I am in has spent time at railroad sites taking promo photos for our new cd “CHANGE” which will be out in the Spring of 2023! We have attended a few Open Mics to test out some songs, all originals, stay tuned for more information!!

I have added three NEW SONGS in the MUSIC section, look for “Living Talisman”, “Find Your Light” and “Before the Rain”! I also added two, new poems in the POETRY section, “Meanderings” and “Memories”.

The SCHEDULE section has been updated with the next dates for the SONGWRITER’S MEETINGS (SONG). We have kept everyone safe and are having a great time listening to creations and spending time in such a friendly atmosphere!! EVERYONE’S WELCOME, I am so proud of this group!!

SO MUCH GOING ON!! Thank you for your time and attention and those ears….I appreciate it!!!

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